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When the Synergetic theory of the atom presented on this website was developed more than twenty years ago, we had invited feedback from anyone regarding all work presented here. A gratifying majority of the trained scientists we have spoken with have been very supportive, while some others have been watchfully curious. When we initially approached the science journals, however, we met a deafening silence we did not fully comprehend until we encountered the suppression syndrome described so well by Jonathan Eisen in Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries. We did not understand before.

We do now, and we will not yield.

No matter what form the harassment may take, whether it is childish interference on webchats, site manipulation, or mail tampering, each obstructive act strengthens our resolve and makes us only more fiercely determined to see that the free flow of ideas, the most vital force there is, breaks every posed barrier. As Victor Hugo once noted, you cannot resist an idea whose time has come, and the time has come for the best of the old ideas to resurrect and haunt their former aspiring executioners, and for the best of the new to join with the old that this nonsense of technological mediocrity for profit finally fall to the abyssal pit where it belongs.

The key, in many ways, to all of this, will be you. Skepticism is not only tolerable but essential in this world, but what is intolerable is refusing to look at evidence resting most plainly before one's eyes and to do simple experiments to find truth and act accordingly. The more that accept this challenge, the more awesome this reality shall become.

We are ready to hear from you! Polytope Press wants your feedback, about the books, the papers, or whatever is on your mind.

Until humanity attains paradise we wish you all to--


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