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If man ever lives in paradise, he shall inevitably be physically, mentally, and spiritually fit. Physical fitness directly affects both mental and spiritual fitness, for fit bodies have fit thoughts and feelings. Polytope Press now offers the basics of a new concept in fitness, Optiflex, in a brief but powerful booklet to benefit any here now who seek to realize their own physical ideal in the spirit of this website: define an ideal and make it real-today!

Fitness is considered distinct from health. A healthy person may not have much strength, while a fit person may have an infection. Even so, any who consider the following ideas should know this truth: ideal fitness can only be realized when based on the foundation of ideal health. At this website, the book Natural Healing Self Empowerment is offered to show you the way to attain ideal health.

What follows are some thoughts on ideal fitness from the booklet to give you an idea of what we offer.

Exercise in any form promotes health, strengthens bones and muscles, as well as the immune system, improves the heart and circulation, increases oxygenation, cleans the lymphatic system, and alters body chemistry, not only by increasing pleasure chemicals like the frequently mentioned endorphins / enkephalins, but also lesser known but equally important neurotransmitters like serotonin, preventing depression. Walking and swimming can be great forms of exercise if you can do no better, but resistance training offers the most comprehensive results.

Some might say there are three traditional resistance training approaches: isometrics, isotonics, and isokinetics. Isometrics involve flexing muscles in fixed positions, such as pressing your palms against each other without moving your body in any way. Isotonics, the most practiced of all exercise forms, involve moving each muscle or muscle group in what are known as simple or compound exercises. Simple exercises work one muscle at a time-compound exercises work several muscles at once in groups. A bicep curl is a simple exercise, but a bench press, engaging the chest, triceps, and more, is a compound exercise. The creators of certain bodybuilding machines that have cams in their mechanical structuring offered yet another approach: isokinetics. The idea behind isokinetics was to alter the resistance during a movement so that resistance did not increase and decrease, but rather, stay the same through the whole range of movement for a given exercise.

Each approach has its advocates. What we would like to suggest is yet another alternative which we believe is superior to all of these approaches: what we call optikinetics-or focusing on precision muscle targeting in sequences of intensity while combining aerobic and anaerobic exercise for maximum benefits. Until one knows the areas where fast or slow twitch muscles predominate, and how to use exercise with nutrition to optimize each, results will always be limited! Of course, to most who train, results matter most. You can decide, via your own training, what works best, especially in this case. To train in most isotonic or isokinetic exercises, equipment of some kind is commonly used. With the ideas presented here, you may use optikinetics-more simply referred to hereafter as optiflex-at home, with no equipment, for free, whenever you wish. Many trainers note that with machines, there is a caveat that a trainee will focus more on the goal of completing a movement on a machine than truly exercising a muscle. Thus, when you remove the machine from your training, you have no choice but to focus on the muscle.

Consulting a doctor before beginning any fitness regimen is often recommended, and so is getting a clear idea of exactly what you want to accomplish.

Optiflex is a subset of what we call optiform--the combination of optiflex and optiesex. Optiflex covers athletic fitness, while optiesex covers sexual fitness. As a bonus, this booklet includes optiesex methods for natural sexual enhancements, for a complete beauty of form.

Optiform may well prove the most powerful fitness approach of all time, and we look forward to hearing from you regarding any progress you make!

Define an ideal and make it real-today!

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