Keep Alive Your Fire

by Acheron

When you are feeling down, and have felt that way before
When life is dull, and events seem a bore
When you are exhausted and weak, and ache to the core
Keep alive your fire, and rejoin the war

When your day in the sun is a drenching downpour
When they ask how you feel, and you say 'Not any more,'
When you scream suicide, and bystanders ignore
Despair not that none know what you fight for

When your face meets only with slamming doors
When your knees meet too frequently with indifferent floors
When your feet make tracks erased by lonely seashores,
Forget not, at these moments, the whys and wherefores

When you reach the summit, and find a flag
When you find your work in a stray trash bag
When you doubt if you share with others the same reality
Bask in your fires, and from their heat take vitality

When you step up to bat, and the pitcher laughs
When your standard deviations are way off the graphs
When your best efforts are a sorry display
Remember there will come a different day

When your greatest art is deemed but a trifle
When you ask for directions and are met with a rifle
When you must force the latch to keep the wolves at bay
Remain determined that truth will have its say

When all of your accounts are measured in dust
And your friends seem strangers, and there is no one to trust
When you feel you are the only one who has truly seen the sky
Remember you only have one chance before you die

When the gladiators gather after beating you down
When your every statement is met with a frown
When they ask you finally, if you are ready to quit
From your parched throat, summon the strength to spit

When the landscapes about you are of skeletons and gore
When you hear that lions have been sniffing your spoor
When the vultures are watching with eyes that bore
Tell them to wait, there is a little bit more

When every little touch leads to catastrophic disasters
When even your machines act like haughty masters
Be not like the fool that every man and thing blames
But stand by the fire I say, and fan the flames!

When you have contained inside you a music none can hear
When you harbor an unknown cause that brings a fiery tear
When you want all that is far to again be near
Enter then, your fire, and in burning brands disappear

And from the ashes, piles of ashes, like a phoenix arise
And blaze your glory to the infinite skies
And burn out the sun, and darken their day,
And scream to the night, 'I won, anyway!'

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