The proton/electron mass ratio, generally accepted to be 1836/1, was derived by Bucky by reasoning essentially similar to the following. As noted in Synergetics Table 223.64, as well as being shown graphically in the "Introduction to Synergetics" paper elsewhere on this site, the rhombic dodecahedron is made of exactly 144 quanta modules. Using the nuclear generator equation through 4 iterations gives us the values of 12, 42, 92, and 162, (=308). Bucky then insists we must remove two rhombic dodecahedra for spin axis considerations, leaving us with 306. Each of these 306 is made of 144 modules, giving us a total of 44,064 quanta modules of mass. We then have only to compare this mass to the electron stated in identical mass terms. There are 24 modules in one tetrahedron. 44,024/24=1836. QED.