The technology of paradise begins with water. Any civilization eating nutritious natural foods coupled with pure natural water will find itself wholly free of disease, especially heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, and dementia. The great Viktor Schauberger urged us all to COMPREHEND AND IMITATE NATURE. He was unheeded, with millions needlessly dead as a result. This can stop the moment you decide not to tolerate it. As municipal, bottled and stream water grows increasingly damaged, humanity learning to restore the nature of water individually is a desperately needed approach. That is what this template teaches you to do with extreme cost effectiveness. The right water will not only free you of nearly all disease, but regenerate the body, including texture, volume and color of hair; skin quality; nails; teeth; bones; cartilage; and so much more. This formula was developed by learning directly from nature, and once you learn it, you can be free of foul water forever.

The book sold at this website, Natural Healing Self Empowerment, teaches you proper nutrition, enabling the elimination of 99% of disease, allergies, and the common cold, along with body regeneration. But only by drinking magical water will your efforts go into overdrive, hastening a process that might take years and condensing it into mere weeks! Has the fountain of youth been rediscovered? We call it magical water as a play on words given the nutrients, but the effects are truly magical! When the world finally realizes the power of true natural water, the shock will be global. What have we been drinking all this time?

If you spend 30 dollars a week on bottled water, imagine cutting those costs in half, to get water infinitely better! In the long run you cut costs to about a sixth of that! You cannot afford not to do this!

PDF, 5 pgs
Price $20

Following are responses to Magical Water:

I had been dehydrated for some time--even after drinking much water daily. At the end of the first day drinking magical water, my urine was clear for the first time in who knows how long. Hydration is not merely quantity of water, but quality, as the best water has a rich set of hydrophilic minerals, acting like water magnets to anchor vital water in the body. My hair texture, volume and color began to improve. Sleep gradually grew deeper, with more intense and increasingly positive dreams. I had grown accustomed to waking up sore, but with each day drinking the water I woke up a little less sore. In five days I felt my gums and teeth noticeably stronger. I had a TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problem that was so bad I was concerned my jaw might soon break. After three weeks the joint was significantly stronger, and at four weeks was healed to the point I could do a full yawn perfectly naturally, noticing nothing...Also, my colleague gave the water in a partial formula to his cancerous dog, and saw the cancer disappear...

Define an ideal and make it real-today!

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