To attain an ideal, first you imagine, then you build. Fiction offers a story of what could be; art offers the images. Explore art to imagine the fantasy built to reality. Why be given dreams if not to bring them to life?

Life falling short of your dreams? Fire yourself up with these visuals from our revitalizing resident Polytope Press artist, Phlegethon, penciller and inker for the comic miniseries, The Dark Gauntlet! Above are posters available at, while the low resolution scans below are just to give you a taste of each picture in the River of Fire portfolio available from this website. Download the images and print them at your own convenience, then post them up in your favorite work area to keep alive your fire! Posting your favorite images up on the walls can be a fantastic source of inspiration!

River of Fire
Electronic book, pdf, 11x14, 9 pgs, 8 plates
Price: $4.

If you like these pinup images, we hope you visit our Comics page, and adventure into the world of The Dark Gauntlet, and watch the Comics page for new stories now in the works, like Hellstalker: Black Tiger vs. Blood Snake.and WorldRuins!

Watch this page for available portfolios, posters, and more!

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