The educational systems of the world have heretofore failed to ideally empower the citizens of this planet. The first step in improving education is to create a new sketch of the way it could be revised for the optimal. What follows is just such a sketch. Most of the texts needed to flesh out this program appear in the Recommended Reading List of this website. Language, math, science and the humanities, taught accurately, efficiently, and systematically, provide the foundation of optimizing our capability. Additional class periods can be added for physical activity like sports and fitness, as well as a rotating period for art, music, inventions, challenges, and library time. The purpose of this page is to spark debate on a better approach. What do you think? Shall we merely educate, or fully empower our children? Empowerment alone can bring us to the paradise we explore more fully in the Technology section of this website.

Let the empowerment begin!


1 Alphabets, Phonemes, Visible Speech, Word Picture Association, Reading, Writing, Storytelling

2 Root Words, Spelling, Parts of Speech, Grammar, Fables, Reading, Writing, Heroes

3 Genres, Styles, Formats, Myths, Legends, Comics

4 Mysteries, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Comedy, Romance, Drama

5 Poetry, Short Stories, Plays, Essays, Journalism, Critical Thinking

6 Classics

7 Novels

8 Films

9 Universal Languages, Visible Speech, Foreign Languages,

10 Writing and Speaking Excellence, Storytelling Design, Communication

11 Famous Plays, Play Performances

12 Creative and Nonfiction Writing, Speech, Debate


1 Numbers, Counting, Shapes, Addition, Subtraction, Puzzles

2 Multiplication Tables, Multiplication, Division, Logic

3 Problem Solving, Math History, Sutra Math, Integers, Fractions, Areas, Volumes

4 Percentages, Decimals, Logarithms, Binary Math, Computers

5 Formulas, Algorithms, Algebra, Combinations, Permutations, Logic Problems, Polytopal Logic

6 Polytopes, Space Filling, Fractals, Scaling, Patterns, Branching, Art

7 Synergetics, Atoms, Crystals, Geodesics, Radiolarians, Flowers, Animals, Conformations

8 Soundwaves, Lightwaves, Frequency, Resonance, Cymatics

9 Systems of Equations, Design, Efficiency, Work, Power, Energy

10 Trigonometry

11 Calculus

12 Engineering, Tools, Machines, Architecture


1 Three Kingdoms Overview: Minerals, Plants, Animals

2 Space, Astronomy, Solar System, Atoms, Molecules, Crystals, Seeds, Genes

3 Earth Science, Weather, Cycles (Nitrogen, Carbon, Hydrological, etc)

4 Minerals: Identification, Ores, Smelting, and Building Applications

5 Plants: Trees, Names, Identification, Healing

6 Animals: Capabilities, Anatomy and Physiology

7 The Human Body

8 First Aid, Healing and Development

9 Origins of Life, Somatids, Cells, Genes, Microscopy, Patterns in Nature, Biomechanics

10 Grand Icosahedron of the Elements, Character of Elements, Chemistry, Conformation Theory

11 Physics, The Way Things Work

12 Engineering, Building Workshops


1 Geography

2 Cultures, Architecture, Clothes, Foods, Literature, Art, Music

3 Biographies of Merit

4 Ancient History

5 Modern History

6 US History/Civics

7 Civilizations: Organization, Water, Sanitation, Food, Shelter

8 Power, Heating, Cooling, Lighting, Telecommunication, Transportation

9 Optimal Civilization

10 The Template Economy

11 Working With Templates: Tools and Machines

12 Buildings


Define an ideal and make it real-today!

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