To build paradise demands knowledge, as there can be no wisdom without knowledge. We cannot act optimally if we cannot think optimally. Science literally means knowledge, but it is clear the path to paradise is most efficiently obtained with knowledge of harmony, not discord. Mathematically, this means abandoning imaginary numbers, silly dimensions, and the cartesian coordinate axis system in favor of quantum theory, precise dimensions and synergetic geometry. It means avoiding drugs, vaccines and surgery in favor of herbs, oxygens and frequency. It means avoiding heat, noise and explosions in energy systems in favor of cold, resonance and implosions. As the great Viktor Schauberger noted, we are doing the exact opposite of what we should be doing. The science section of this website is an effort to prompt such beneficial change.

By exploring the foundations of science via the many reference materials in these articles, we can optimize our capability by placing our knowledge on the foundation of nature. As Da Vinci noted, if you do not rest on the good foundation of nature, you will labor with little honor and less profit.

What can this new foundation gain for us? As incredible as it may be, this webpage is the only place where you can find a new theory of the atom, the basic building block of paradise, with greater accuracy than any other theory! Work done by the Polytope Press Research Group has resulted in the redesign of the flat Periodic Table into a multidimensioonal structure! This is completely for real, and is offered free to the public! Care to enrich your mind to enjoy the beauty of nature and gain a far greater sense than ever of the resources that can make paradise a reality? Then explore the science papers of Acheron and Gregory Stiles! The atomic theory presented in Proof of Synergetics in the Atom is present as a backdrop in Acheron's novels offered on this website, Death of the Innovator, and Triumph of the Innovator! Hopefully, one day when new, powerful ideas are not suppressed, this theory will be better known to the world. Until then, you saw it here first!

To better understand why mankind was ever placed in a position of discord with nature, Polytope Press now offers its breakthrough masterpiece of human history Hidden History of Humanity, which uncovers a record of ancient mystery revealed! What are the true origins of mankind? Do our origins lie in evolution, religion or engineering? Explore the startling secrets of the arcane past to find out! Lemuria, Atlantis, Giza, Sumeria, Babylon, Hyperborea, Crete, Greece and Rome are connected as never before, in a spectacular sweep of history from the fantastic lost continent to the present day. Read this book to appreciate the valiant story of humanity with a fresh spirit.

We are far more than we have been led to believe!

An optimal civilization was once ours...

It can be so once again….

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Define an ideal and make it real-today!

Following are reactions to Hidden History of Humanity:

This is going to be a hard book for many people to read, but if you care about finding the truth, then you found the right book. The bible never made any sense to me. How could god kill everyone one minute and then love people tne next? Why did we have to sacrifice so many animals and people? Never made sense. Well, when you find out who started religion and who god really is then everything starts to make sense! I have heard about a lot of the hidden history before but in parts and pieces. This book shows a chronology of people, dates and religous organizations. This is very helpful for understanding history and the events of our past, present and future. You can see the hands that drive our culture and governments. How money has been used as a weapon against the people of the world. That the powers of the world make shortages and blame the people but it really is mismanagement by evil. If you pay attention to the author during this story, he gives clues on how to pull away from evil. This takes work and thinking for yourself. Only for the people who are not afraid. Also the author gives links to other sources to let the reader do research to see where the facts come from. Pay attention to other authors he talks about--their books will give you more information on what has been happening on our planet! Once I started reading the book, I didn't want to put it down. Analyzing the clues from the book confirmed many stories other people had told me over my lifetime. I like paranormal shows, history shows, technology shows and looking at these ideas leaves me with questions why the world isn't a better place. To me this book explains why people with badges and guns all show up to stop good technology from improving the world. I enjoyed the book and will dig into the ideas the author supplies throughout this book.

Jerry M

This book is a total MUST-READ for anyone interested in the ancient mysteries, origins of humanity, or especially Atlantis! It has tons of new connections between ancient Egypt, Greek 'mythology', the Bible, alchemy, Edgar Cayce--so much more--- that even the seasoned reader or academic will find original and deeply intriguing. There may be no way to know if some points are true, but everything is so well-referenced and backed up by multiple sources that I could easily click a link to and read myself. Well worth the time it takes to check out the references provided, which led me down even more rabbit holes. Even if you just find yourself questioning the unprecedented events of the past two years and wonder how the heck we got here, you have GOT to read this filled in gaps I didn't even know existed. Even some current events make more sense to me now! This world is so not what we think it is.

Julie Z








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