To build paradise demands knowledge, as there can be no wisdom without knowledge. We cannot act optimally if we cannot think optimally. Science literally means knowledge, but it is clear the path to paradise is most efficiently obtained with knowledge of harmony, not discord. Mathematically, this means abandoning imaginary numbers, silly dimensions, and the cartesian coordinate axis system in favor of quantum theory, precise terms and synergetic geometry. It means avoiding drugs, vaccines and surgery in favor of herbs, oxygens and frequency. It means avoiding heat, noise and explosions in energy systems in favor of cold, resonance and implosions. As the great Viktor Schauberger noted, we are doing the exact opposite of what we should be doing. The science section of this website is an effort to prompt such beneficial change.

By exploring the foundations of science via the many reference materials in these articles, we can optimize our capability by placing our knowledge on the foundation of nature. As Da Vinci noted, if you do not rest on the good foundation of nature, you will labor with little honor and less profit.

What can this new foundation gain for us? As incredible as it may be, this webpage is the only place where you can find a new theory of the atom, the basic building block of paradise, with greater accuracy than any other theory! Work done by the Polytope Press Research Group has resulted in the redesign of the flat Periodic Table into a multidimensional structure--the Grand Icosahedron! This is completely for real, and is offered free to the public! Care to enrich your mind to enjoy the beauty of nature and gain a far greater sense than ever of the resources that can make paradise a reality? Then explore the book below, plus the science papers of Acheron and Gregory Stiles! The atomic theory presented in Proof of Synergetics in the Atom is present as a backdrop in Acheron's novels offered on this website, The Math Wizard, Death of the Innovator, and Triumph of the Innovator! Hopefully, one day when new, powerful ideas are not suppressed, this theory will be better known to the world. Until then, you saw it here first!

The ultimate goal of knowledge is enlightenment. Yet too often in the past, enlightenment has been defined as attaining ultimate knowledge by those who then smile pitifully at others and then nap under trees. Can we do no better in defining enlightenment? Polytope Press now proudly offers its greatest mathterpiece, The Math Wizard! Though this is a fictional novel, it builds the case that the Atlantian path to enlightenment may now be reverse engineered. Evidence has been uncovered of the seven degree program taken by initiates in the ancient Egyptian mystery school, whose Great Pyramid is likely a legacy of the mighty Atlantis. Yet what was shown to those initiates was a feeble shadow of original ideas we can better grasp today. All the work has been done for you in assembling the ideas. You have only to go through them in this incredible book! In some ways the electronic book is like a movie, as new concepts are developed with depth via links. With its many diagrams and plentiful video links, you can explore the cosmos in a mathematical tour unlike any other, optimizing your own capability as cosmic secrets are revealed to you, one by one!

The plot summary is as follows:

It is the Second Age of Atlantis, and the newly upgraded species of humanity is being offered the path to enlightenment by beings from the stars.

The demigod line of Poseidon and Cleito leads to Altimon, son of a demigod, who aspires to become a skilled wizard after completing his seven degree path to enlightenment under the tutelage of the Light Order of Wizards.

The planet and all life are at risk from the threat of reptilians and an arising Dark Order of Warlocks. The wizards believe the completion of a global Great Pyramid network can protect the planet forever if completed.

To become enlightened, Altimon learns from nature the ways of math, music and energy, from one learning to know all. His skills blending mysticism and science will be needed as he voyages in time travel, faces an emissary of the warlocks in a final confrontation, and completes the next Great Pyramid on the Pacific continent of Mu.

His destiny is one shared by every soul that ever seeks to attain enlightenment….

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