by Gregory Stiles

What if wiping out all diseases currently known to man involved not awaiting the breakthrough of some magic bullet drug, but rather to take full advantage of combined insights man already has, insights which in some cases have been around for decades, and in other cases centuries? Sound too difficult to believe? Why?

The evidence pointing the path to ideal health has always been with us, and always will be seen by any who simply care to look.

The first objection I can imagine a great many might raise to such a proposition would be: but if such fantastic cures existed, why would the public not know about them? The answer is simple: there is not enough money to be made in curing people by sharing basic knowledge of what a garden and nature can do for people, and many want money more than excellence. Nature cannot be patented, only freakish variations thereof, and these are the keys to incomes in the trillions for many businesses--no matter the cost in human life.

To combat disease, one must understand its origins. In the 1800s in France, the quest to defeat disease came to a head in the contest between two figures, Antoine Bechamp, who offered us the terrain theory of disease, and Louis Pasteur, who offered the germ theory of disease. Though Pasteur grew famous for his theory, after decades of experience, on his deathbed, he renounced his own theory, and admitted Bechamp was right. But big business, realizing there was more money to be made in approaches favoring indiscriminate antibiotics, risky vaccines, addictive drugs, hazardous radiation and dangerous chemotherapy, decided there was no reason to halt profits. Those grown rich from the oil industry decided on an extermination campaign of those working with nature to protect their profits. Thus the infamous Flexner report was made, discouraging people away from cost effective nature and towards lucrative poisons and drug dependency, especially when those first drugs were born of petrochemistry.

To see a video of the history, watch the following:

Rockefeller Medicine

But Bechamp was right, and no amount of lies can cover the irrefutable evidence of all human experience. There exists an evidence chain, forged in steel, proving all disease can be eliminated. The first link is provided by Weston Price in Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, followed by Francis Pottenger in Pottenger's Cats, Edward Howell in Food Enzymes for Health and Longevity (where he explicitly states in chapter 17 he finds no evidence of disease in wild animals), Charlotte Gerson in the The Gerson Therapy, Kurt Donsbach in his collected books, Gary Tunsky in The Battle for Health is Over PH, and all united to several other pioneers crowning in our very own Polytope Press finale: Natural Healing Self Empowerment. We learn conclusively bodies become diseased when they are poorly nourished and polluted with toxins, not because of mere infections. A fully functional immune defense system, gifted to all by nature, gives us all we need to defeat disease. Ending all disease was just a process of learning all we needed to know to master nutrition and detox. That knowledge has grown over decades, and culminates in the book offered at this transcendent website, Natural Healing Self Empowerment.

If you are one of the many who is too hopelessly prejudiced against nature due to cultural conditioning, or too afraid of the truth to do safe, cheap, simple home experiments that will make the most lauded authorities of academia appear as the most astounding morons, then return back to the world where ignorance is, quite literally, death. For those who believe in the genuine scientific spirit, who want clear concepts and practical tests to challenge their understanding of what they can do for themselves without the assistance of expensive and apparently inept "authorities", read on.

Let us begin with a simple set of experiments. Buy about one pint of food grade hydrogen peroxide for maybe fifteen bucks, some apple cider of your choice, and two small cartons of milk. For the first experiment, pour a small cup of apple cider, and place five-ten drops of peroxide in it. What happens? The cider changes color and becomes sweeter. Cider is the result of a microbial ferment, but when oxygen enters the fray, the microbe activities are eliminated. So it would appear peroxide could preserve many foods and destroy many microbes, but it is not commonly used for this purpose to any great extent. To demonstrate this further, consider your milk cartons. Open them both on day one and smell or drink a little. Now try placing about 5 drops peroxide in one carton, and nothing in the other. Check the milk at 2 weeks. The peroxide one is far better preserved. Yet if these results are so blatant, why is milk not preserved this way? Why, indeed. I once asked this question of a man who processes milk. He said that, theoretically, a few drops would be insufficient to preserve a significant quantity of milk. Still, the answer can only be found by those who actually do the experiment. I asked him if he had done so: he said no. And that is planet Earth right now in a nutshell--chock full of those in positions of authority who refuse to do simple tests to drastically improve the lot of mankind. There are far more radical uses of peroxide and oxygen in general, ones that can wipe out major diseases, such as cancer and AIDS, were the precise methods publicly available. As it is, if you try to help people directly in this regard, at least in the US, you may suffer the fate of one man who found his facilities besieged by a SWAT team. It seems incredible, but this is the absurd reality we exist in when people refuse to do simple experiments.

The shocking panorama we see repeatedly throughout the twentieth century is that multibillion dollar pharmaceutical companies have effectively bought off our supposed governmental institutions of health, and have been involved for decades in an effort to systematically wipe out every decent, safe, and cost effective method of attaining health ever developed, just so that the ridiculous profit margins of the drug lords may be maintained, no matter the side effects, figurative or literal. They have even gone so far as to target some of the most competent and successful healing methods in a blacklisting initiative known sadistically as Operation Cure All, which deliberately confuses the ignorant public by simultaneously condemning known charlatans (to push the pretense of wanting to help people) mixed heedlessly with legitimate pioneers, as if all were one--a cruel initiative any can look up for themselves. I am not sure how much worse this state of affairs could possibly be, as I know personally that many of those targeted offer excellent products, as I have seen the amazing results for myself. The question now is: do you have the guts to question authority? I know at times the government considers it unpatriotic for anyone to dare question its integrity during its worst failures, many will shy away from being skeptical regarding government's dismal track record of incompetence, inadequacy, and apologies. But I would say to any who utter such garbage that you know nothing about the founding of America, and the spirit that asserts with passion that our government was meant to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. In any case, if the government we have at the moment is not going to tell the people what misleading information is doing to their own citizens, citizens like myself will spill the beans, and the corrupt profiteers will go down, one way or another, most likely through an internal collapse from their self delusion of importance. Authority cannot, and never will, derive from peers, certificates, number of friends or supporters, or the size of bank accounts, but from TRUTH, and truth alone.

Many of us, of course, have heard rumors that cancer cures existed, or that a given health method had been suppressed. But more often than not in my experience, no specifics were given: no plain explanations, no names, no websites, no telephone numbers.

But now, thanks to the production of a new book Natural Healing Self-Empowerment, we here at Polytope Press are changing all of that, by offering a guide that gives you all of the information you need: a history of the information that is either suppressed or not well known, with all the contact info you could want, to spring into action as fast as you can. You can learn about a man with a proven track record of curing cancer through nutrition, another who cured cancer with herbs--telling you exactly what herbs they were--but was stifled by the American Medical Association. You will learn of a man who invented a microscope that was at least 6 times superior to the common ones, who was first applauded and then blacklisted, though he eliminated cancer 400 times in a row. You will learn why our crop soils are failing us, how to easily correct the problem, and how mineral absorption rates vary with mineral quality. You will learn of media myths that harm you but keep wealthy companies in business. You will learn simple ways to maintain internal cleanliness, and wipe out asthma and countless other problems simultaneously. So far as I can tell, there is no disease that could not be defeated by use of this information: heart disease, cancer, AIDS, diabetes, Alzheimer's, ms--whatever you can name. I have seen it happen around me by those who follow the rules. In one case I saw diabetes vanish in a week. I have seen seizures from MS stop. I have seen a legally blind man see again. Grey hair returns to its original color. Baldness reverses. Brittle nails grow strong. Blurry vision sharpens. Teeth regenerate. The list goes on and on. Regeneration is possible, possibly to a complete extent. In one method, a burn victim given up for dead was restored to full health. Joints can regain mobility. Paralysis from strokes can be undone. In this collection of information, it is easy to see that even among these great innovators, many seemed to have searched just long enough to find a method that worked to merely give them a paycheck to get by. This is fair, as all must earn a little income, but at the same time, the power of this book is that the public, perhaps for the first time, has the chance to see all of these innovators together simultaneously. Connections are made among the various methods that so far as I know have never been made before anywhere, offering a more compelling definition of health than I believe man has ever seen before. Plus there is bonus information added from special experiments that is not available anywhere else in the world. Yet another beauty of the book is that the overwhelming majority of methods explained are very inexpensive to access and use, especially when compared to a drug approach to solve a major problem. With several methods, you can start having drastically successful results by spending less than 50 dollars to get materials, sometimes less. This was done deliberately, as we here at this company are all too aware of how many will lose their funds by consulting the drug lords first for their band aid solutions. It is no exaggeration to say that this book pays for itself--it would probably not even be an exaggeration to say this book can pay for itself a thousand times over--doctor visits are expensive, treatments moreso, especially when they fail utterly!

It remains a phenomenon to me how people can keep buying into the drug lord mentality. We have tons of pain killers for example, which can spectacularly hide the fact that your bone is broken and jagged, while not fixing the problem at its root. Such is the way of the opioids. Such is the mentality of the histamine blockers glutting the market. Such is the mentality of those who are happy to remove tonsils or an appendix, without ever educating the public about why those organs get in trouble. Shoot the messenger who warns of danger, and maybe the danger will go away. How very mature.

For my part, I am proud to associate myself with some of the greatest unsung geniuses of history, who, instead of offering excuses for their failures, submit instead success rates bounded only by the initiative and dedication of their followers. Their work is easy to research, easy to verify, easy to use. Do you want to go through this life trusting experts who pelt you with vague evasions, or with those who share the precise methods of their proven accomplishments?

As always, the choice is yours. Yet I hope with all my soul that some will awaken before it is too late. If we are lured yet again by the current wave of shallow promises, ones touting stem cell research, amazing organ transplants or gene therapies, we will only be perpetuating disaster: NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU RESTART THE BODY, IT WILL ALWAYS FALL APART IF NOT MAINTAINED BY BEING KEPT IN HARMONY WITH NATURE. THIS BOOK TEACHES SUCH HARMONY AS NO OTHER.

This is the most powerful health book ever written-buy it today, and prove it to yourself. And when you succeed, write us so we can post your testimonials.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but the road to health is paved with good ingestions!

Define an ideal and make it real-today!

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