In the book offered on this website, Natural Healing Self-Empowerment, the way to naturally regrow hair and restore hair color is offered. For those still stuck in old beliefs, this article is to help you better understand the process.

Many of you visiting this page seeking information about hair loss may have already heard many of the popular ideas on the causes of hair loss. One of the most popular ideas is that hair loss is genetic. Another is that the hormone testosterone is converted via the enzyme 5 alpha reductase into dihydrotestosterone(dht), which can then be conducted through sweat glands and block the growth of hair follicles. In relation to the latter point, some trying to regrow hair experiment with dht blockers, like Propecia, which can damage the liver, or natural herbs like saw palmetto, which can work in some cases. Others offer topical solutions to deal with this problem. Sometimes these, too, do work for people, such as those who try to restore sulfur to hair, as hair is built of certain sulfur based substances.

Still, many people trying these regimens fail, because the approach is incomplete. There is an easier way--one that assures success. Simply return fully to harmony with nature by mastering nutrition and detox, as clearly explained in Natural Healing Self-Empowerment.

Nutrition and detox supersede genetics, which you can prove to yourself.

In an earlier edition of the book we offered a topical approach, too, though one you could make on your own rather than purchase. However, even in those early years we suspected that the same process of regeneration could occur if hair follicles were nourished from within, and now the proof is irrefutable.

Using unique insights, regrowing hair and restoring its original color could not be simpler. If you go to the grocery store, all you have to do to succeed is simply make the right purchases. In some cases you may have to purchase health food supplements if your grocery store does not carry certain items and you dislike certain foods, but it is nevertheless possible to regrow hair and restore hair color through food alone.

The real question here is not about whether this works, as it does, but whether you have the dedication to move away from your vices, fast if necessary to reset your internal cleanliness, and simply follow through with acting on the nutritional and detox knowledge you can gain from this book. It is a short book, but every sentence is meaningful. The methods of detox to remove bodily burdens, and of optimizing blood building via nutrition, are not offered collectively anywhere else in the world. An avid reader can finish the book in a day, and you can reread it to better understand anything rather new to you until you grasp the concepts. And once you grasp the ideas, you can be healthy for life.

Applying topical solutions may sometimes work, but does it make any sense at all to do so when healing from within is faster, cheaper and more effective? A body well nourished from within will heal completely, easily and naturally. Cost is not an issue with this book, as it will pay for itself a thousand times over. Besides, any topical solution would inevitably avoid addressing the more critical issue of maintaining supreme blood. Done correctly, blood building aids not only hair, but nails, teeth and eyes. One must also realize the essential importance of optimizing the catalysts of the body--enzymes. The human body runs mainly on enzymes, metabolic as well as digestive. The nutrients you lack that cause hair loss and hair color loss are the same nutrients the body needs to have functional enzyme complexes, complexes which perform literally hundreds of vital functions to keep you healthy overall. No topical solution can heal you so thoroughly as improving your knowledge.

Buy this book, put the ideas to use, get a magnifying glass if you are impatient, and watch your hair swiftly regain its full vitality. And when you do, please write us a testimonial to share your victory. The process of being healthy is open to all, and we eagerly await the time when people master this information and it becomes common knowledge.

The primary cause of hair loss is stress leading to nutrient depletion and resultant negative shifts to microbes in the body which vitiate the blood. Expel the drains on your system and replenish with the right nutrients and the problem vanishes.


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