Knowledge is power. If the educational systems of the planet were truly dedicated to sharing the most positive ideas of all time with all citizens to make the world a better place, all of the information presented in the books below would be common knowledge. But if no one else anywhere will gather this fantastic set of references in one spot--POLYTOPE PRESS WILL! We can think of no better proof that the spirit of this website is indeed one GENUINELY dedicated to offering the best ideas of all time. Hopefully you can find the books mentioned here in your local library for free. If not, buy them if you wish. Together, guided by this knowledge, the people of this planet can empower themselves to make improvements on their own--after all, truly responsible people change their own lives rather than asking others to change their lives for them. If you do so, we hope you write us and share your stories of improving your life, in whatever way--any improvements can be an inspiration to all! This page features a collection of texts capable of becoming the foundation of a new educational system and optimal civilization, and will magnify over time. Got better suggestions for books that should be on this list? Speak up, then! Show us a better way and we will never turn away!

Welcome to a list of books offering some of the world's greatest knowledge, and may your adventures enrich you!


Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Weston Price

Pottenger's Cats, Francis Pottenger

Food Enzymes for Health and Longevity, Edward Howell

A Cancer Therapy, Max Gerson

The Gerson Therapy, Charlotte Gerson

Folk Medicine, D.C. Jarvis

The Doctor's Book of Vitamin Therapy, Harold Rosenberg

Rare Earths, Forbidden Cures, Joel Wallach

Dr. Jensen's Guide to Better Bowel Care, Bernard Jensen

The Cure For All Diseases, Hulda Clark

Flood Your Body With Oxygen, Ed McCabe

The PH Miracle, Robert O. Young

The Battle For Health Is Over PH, Gary Tunsky

The Invisible Rainbow, Arthur Firstenberg

Let There Be Light, Dinshah Ghadiali

Seeds of Deception, Jeffrey Smith

Inoculated, Kent Heckenlively

Racketeering in Medicine, James Carter

Note: these books are only a fraction of the phenomenal references used to create our ultimate health book on this website, Natural Healing Self Empowerment. For even more excellent references, read the book and learn even more amazing discoveries!


Instant Vocabulary, Ida Ehrlich

The A+ Guide to Good Grammar, Vicki Tyler

The A+ Guide to Good Writing, Diane Teitel Rubens


The Math Wizard, Polytope Press

Mathematics the Easy Way

Mathemagics, Arthur Benjamin

Vedic Mathematics, Jagadguru Swami Sri

Makers of Mathematics by Alfred Hooper

Algebra the Easy Way

Geometry the Easy Way

Trigonometry the Easy Way

Calculus the Easy Way

Synergetics and Synergetics 2, R. Buckminster Fuller


For basic lists and descriptions of minerals, plants, animals, and more. consider the cheap Golden Guides books

A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe, Michael Schneider

Cosmos, Carl Sagan

Patterns in Nature, Peter Stevens

Life On Earth, David Attenborough

The Ascent of Man, Jacob Bronowski

Conceptual Physical Science, Paul Hewitt, et al

The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments

The Wonder Book of Chemistry, Jean-Henri Fabre

Atoms, Electrons, and Change, PW Atkins

Molecules, PW Atkins

Caveman Chemistry, Kevin Dunn

Designing the Molecular World, Philip Ball

The Self Made Tapestry, Philip Ball

Story Book of the Fields, Jean-Henri Fabre

Anatomy and Physiology, Rod Seeley, et al

Molecular Biology of the Cell, Bruce Roberts

Engines of Creation, Eric Drexler

Unbounding the Future, Eric Drexler

The Brain: The Last Frontier, Richard Restak


The Science of Everyday Things, Jean-Henri Fabre

The New Way Things Work, David Macaulay

City, David Macaulay

Mill, David Macaulay

Underground, David Macaulay

Building Big, David Macaulay

How to Grow More Vegetables, John Jeavons

How to Build and Use Greenhouses, Ortho Books

Basic Carpentry Techniques, Ortho Books

Basic Masonry Techniques, Ortho Books

Basic Plumbing Techniques, Ortho Books

Basic Wiring Techniques, Ortho Books

There Are No Electrons, Kenn Amdahl

Structures, or Why Things Don't Fall Down, AE Gordon

The Science of Structures and Materials, AE Gordon

Metallurgy Fundamentals, Daniel Brandt

Discovery by Chance, Mary Batten

They All Laughed, Ira Flatow

Stormy Genius, Richard Rashke

Buckyworks, Jay Baldwin

Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries, Jonathan Eisen

Lost Science, Gerry Vassilatos

Hidden Nature, Alick Batholomew


Geography, Hendrik Willem Van Loon


Hidden History of Humanity, Polytope Press

The Biggest Secret, David Icke


Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Richard Bach

Illusions, Richard Bach

Psychocybernetics, Maxwell Maltz

Psychocybernetic Principles for Creative Living, Maxwell Maltz

Your Erroneous Zones, Wayne Dyer

The Sky's The Limit, Wayne Dyer

Pulling Your Own Strings, Wayne Dyer

Anatomy of an Illness, Norman Cousins

Head First: The Biology of Hope, Norman Cousins

Pain, The Gift That Nobody Wants, Paul Brand

You Are Not The Target, Laura Archera Huxley

Life 101, John Roger

Walden, Henry David Thoreau

Life Without Principle, Henry David Thoeau

This list is only a beginning--it will ever expand, so revisit this page often to see more spectacular references!

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