On the health, fitness, and science pages, you were offered the path to being ideally healthy, fit and capable. Ideal bodies, minds and souls enable you to find harmony within. Thusly prepared, you can apply new skills to develop the right technology, so you can independently produce and manage clean water, effectively recycle waste, grow food abundantly, cost effectively build strong, lasting homes, power, heat, cool and light those homes efficiently, develop free telecommunications and nonpolluting transportation, and share the ultimate system of production, the template economy--thereby finding harmony without. When we find harmony within and without, we have found paradise. This section of the website will be devoted to an ever expanding inventory of harmonic technology for the independent homestead and the template economy. To start, here are a few amazing initial building blocks for the technology of paradise, in articles summarizing the best ideas of all time regarding ideal technology and the ultimate economy, offered to you freely in the spirit of this website. We hope the information empowers you to see more of what you can do with a little discipline, dedication and determination...

Define an ideal and make it real-today!



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